Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rollator Walker or Lightweight Transport Wheelchair??? Why Not Both In 1 Unit!!

People always ask me about Rollator Walkers and my answer is always 'They are great!'  They truly are, they are the best selling piece of medical equipment.  When walking starts to fatigue an individual and they need so extra stability a Rollator Walker solves almost all issues.  When a person walks with the Rollator it gives them a sense of security with their hands gripping on the handles and the wheels gliding smoothing over the terrain.  If the person starts to fatigue they can simple stop, engage the brakes and turn around and have a seat.  Once their strength returns, they are up and walking down the road.  Another reason the Rollator is a great piece of medical equipment is that it comes in a variety of colors, instead of a plain walker with wheels which is grey and looks institutional.   The walker with wheels also lacks a seat so once you are fatigued you still have to make it to the nearest bench or chair.  The only problem with the Rollators are that I am forever seeing people sit in the rollator properly and then someone is behind them using it as a wheelchair!  STOP!!!  That is so dangerous!  It is not meant to be used like that and it will lead to a fall.

So that brings me to the Lightweight Transport Wheelchair?  This is another great piece of equipment, and unlike the Rollator, this actually is made to use to push someone around in.  The Transport wheelchair weighs in at less than 20 pounds making it perfect for anyone who has to lift it to and from their vehicle.  The back of the seat folds down, the leg rests come off and the chair folds almost completely flat.  Only downfall to this product is if someone has the ability to walk but needs a little extra stability, all they can do is ride.  But what if you could have all the advantages to both of these items in one piece of medical equipiment??  Now you can!  The Lumex Hybrid Rollator Transport Wheelchair!

Best of both worlds!  You can walk with it as a rollator walker and when you become fatigued instead of just sitting and waiting you can be pushed SAFELY as it becomes a wheelchair!  This is truely, in my opinion, the best piece of medical equipment for the person who is still able to walk on their own but just needs a little help when fatigued.  When you look at the cost of a rollator $75 and the cost of a lightweight transport wheelchair $125.  The Hybrid Rollator is a steal at $160.   If you have any questions feel free to comment here or email us at info@reylandmedical.com or you can always call us at (844) 244-0240.

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